Join us in developing your Farm

A great adventure awaits us all. Your farm and our farm beckon to us all. Great strides in sustainability, farmer’s education, and support structures are needed, but we need farmers like YOU to help us do it.



Do you love FARMING AND GARDENING? We welcome all who wish to learn and practice Natural Farming in their farms and gardens. Members are expected to share and learn from each other. Benefits of membership include seminars and conferences, advocacy works, seeds and plant exchanges, technology and protocols, farm planning and development, garden improvements, seed management, poultry and animal husbandry how-to, water resources management, farm fertilizer, and utilization of pesticide without use of chemicals.


Business Development

We provide venues for MSME (micro, small, medium enterprises) in the provinces, rural areas, and interested parties to connect with BUYERS worldwide, access to the right protocols, and trade developments. Improvement of harvests through the right technology in farming, production, and the trade accesses will create better profit gains for farmers. We can even assist in export and import documentations, logistics, investment connections, and others.

Community Development

Learning how to fish helps the community. It brings neighbors together, and creates an economy of scale. It builds volumes, makes trading and commerce happen, and develop communities. We aim to be a nationwide community of NATURAL FARMERS, helping and aiding each other towards sustainable growth. We aim to address our society’s woes and problems and build better homes through farming and food production. Access to technology through shared protocols builds stronger economies on the household and barangay levels, and it also improves our capacities and capabilities. We aim to build stronger families and energetic communities through these.

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